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What our clients have to say about us . . .

(when asked why they are loyal to Clark Reporting Service and how we can improve)

Wendy Powell, paralegal at Swope, Rodante:
The absolute BEST thing is that I can just EMAIL you and you don’t have to write back or call me with 2000 questions because you know exactly what I need. You know the needs of the attorneys and paralegals of this office. So basically speaking you are “easy”!!! Not to mention, that you confirm depos and you guys always show up so I know when I ask you to do something, it’s gonna get done and I do not have to think or stress about it!

Honestly, I know everyone has room for improvement, but I can’t think of 1 thing I would change about your services. It is perfect they way it is. I might actually be upset if you changed something.

Linda Lyman, CLA, The Florida Bar Ethics, Branch Office Manager - Tampa Office:
1. Dependable
2. Excellent job of reporting and preparing the transcripts
3. Efficient and prompt service
4. Invoices are received promptly, are correct, and provide case numbers.
5. Competitive pricing structure.

Leslie Stockett, legal assistant with Morgan, Lamb:
Most importantly, you are always easy to schedule with - we've been working together long enough and your assistant knows I'll send her a notice of depo and so she just asks for the basic information, instead of having every tiny single detail of the depo information, like some of the other larger court reporting firms.
You always call to confirm depos.
You've stayed a small firm, kind of a "mom and pop" operation, so I don't have to go through five different voice mail choices to get information or request services.
The times I've forgotten to order a court reporter, I think you have always come through for me.
Plus you and your staff are extremely nice to work with - friendly and down-to-earth.

Sheri Bush, Assistant to Craig Delesie, Kadyk, Delesie & Espat, P.A.:
You have one of the most detailed staff and you are very enjoyable to work with. Your assistant always has a pleasant voice, never rushed or in a hurry to get you off of the phone, which is something you find with a lot of agencies (too busy for your business). Your staff always calls to confirm. I really don't think that there is much you can do to improve your business. I always use Clark Reporting because you are always a court reporting firm that we can trust and don't have to follow after to get what it is that we want or have requested.